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Obet Montalvo

Rally 4 Our Future

Following a Supreme Court term where the Court weakened the Voting Rights Act — and at the onset of another where it was poised to gut abortion access, gun safety laws, environmental protections, and more — the Rally 4 Our Future was intended to draw attention to the lawlessness of the highest court in the land.

Serving as Creative Director and Project Manager for the event, I developed and executed a plan which included the creation of a microsite and building out social strategy. I developed the branding, as well as all graphical content related to the event, with speaker-specific graphics for all speakers and partners involved. For the stream I managed a production firm (Act.TV) to handle a hybrid in-person/remote livestream that included speakers in front of Congress as well as activists and organizers from around the country.

You can watch the full livestream here.