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Obet Montalvo

Yes on Prop 16

Prop 16 was a ballot measure in California aimed at ending the 25+ year ban on affirmative action in public education and contracting. I helped lead this effort by amplifying messaging tailored to a variety of communities across California through multiple communication channels (calls, texts, email, organic digital content, paid media, etc).

This included managing the creation of the YES on Prop 16 website, as well as sister sites in Spanish and Mandarin, developing a Spanish paid media program with a budget of over $200k, and a framework for the Prop 16 distributed texting program — which sent 4,064,550 peer-to-peer SMS messages throughout the campaign.

I oversaw the growth of Prop 16 social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok) and coordinated and executed supporter-generated content campaigns including:
  • I’m #YESonProp16: supporters tell their personal story & why they support Prop 16
  • La Lotería 16: Latinx Heritage Month campaign with Lotería stylized graphics highlighting ways Prop 16 would help the Latinx community — supporters would tag friends and family,  culminating in a full Lotería card at the end of LHM
  • #MyShot: Supporters tag the person/organization who gave them a chance that changed their life, highlighting how Prop 16 would do that for under-represented groups.

Polling for Prop 16 in California started in the low 30s and through our work we closed the margin to 43%.